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Transparent investor reporting that sets you apart

Transparent investor reporting that sets you apart

Your investors are hungry for transparency. To keep them happy, you’ve got to feed them the right level of detail every time you communicate.

Ensuring that your investor reporting stands out doesn’t have to be a challenge. Here are five pointers to keep in mind:

  1. Get the branding right in your quarterly report. Your firm’s brand identity is its face, after all. Details as simple as fonts, colors, and visual effects can strengthen relationships, create positive associations, and create lasting impressions. The report is the best place to let those work for you.
  2. Transparency, transparency, transparency. In addition to their basic capital account, investors want to know what investments your fund has made, their current market value, and most importantly how they are performing.
  3. Send clear ILPA call and distribution notices. Be sure to itemize recallable capital and other considerations which reset the remaining capital to be drawn.
  4. Make all communications available 24/7 with an investor portal. The days of send it and forget it are gone. Give investors a web portal so they have 24/7, secure access to their fund correspondence (like call and distribution letters), quarterlies, tax forms and other documents.
  5. Provide the raw data. Give your investors a comprehensive spreadsheet of your fund performance data to import into their systems.

Set your fund apart and stave off that investor hunger for transparency by delivering the right level of transparency in your investor reporting and communications, then make it all available 24/7 with an investor portal.


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