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Fund Accounting Software

Elevate your fund's operational efficiency and financial management.

Designed to cater to the intricate needs of private equity, real estate, and investment funds, our software simplifies fund administration, enhances accurate reporting, and ensures compliance, offering a seamless path to maximize returns and manage portfolios with unparalleled ease.


Our Fund Accounting Software brings clarity and efficiency to complex organizational structures.

It provides a robust platform that streamlines workflows, manages increased volumes, and offers real-time insights, ensuring transparency and convenience across all levels of fund administration and accounting.

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Investor Management


Track investors and their entities, contacts, notification preferences, KYC details, and commitments.

Fund Administration


Model your fund or direct investment’s structure, entities, closings, share classes, capital accounts, and waterfall.

Investor Reporting


Generate industry-standard quarterly reports, capital account statements, capital call notices, and more.

Portfolio Management


Invest in funds, portfolio companies, or properties. Then, manage securities, quarterly revaluations, cap tables, and financials.

LP Communications


Email notifications to your limited partners, or post them to the Investor Portal.

Accounting Systems


Seamlessly integrate and share data with popular accounting software and general ledger solutions.

Ensure accurate and efficient record-keeping and reporting.


Investor Management

Enhance LP confidence by meticulously managing data, ensuring smooth investor onboarding, regular updates, and precise quarter-end reporting, all with a focus on building trust and transparency.

Manage your investors and their entities

Our software offers comprehensive tools to track investor data, including their investment entities, contacts, notification preferences, KYC details, and commitments.


Fund Administration

Streamline your back office operations with our robust fund accounting software.

Our platform is designed to minimize errors and streamline operations, making fund management more efficient and less time-consuming.

Administer your funds with ease

Create your fund structure's entities, including feeders, main fund, parallel vehicles, and blockers.

Then, handle share classes, capital accounts, transaction definitions, allocation methods, and waterfall calculations.

Minimize errors and improve overall fund management.


Investor Reporting

Enhance investor trust with our sophisticated Investor Reporting tools.

Our secure reporting platform ensures accurate, timely, and transparent communication with your investors.

Speed up the reporting process

Generate and distribute industry-standard quarterly reports, including capital account statements, and more, with ease.

Notifications can be emailed or posted directly to the secure Investor Portal.


Investment Portfolio Management

Take control of your investment portfolio with our comprehensive Portfolio Management software.

Powerful tools for managing your portfolio investments

Invest in funds, portfolio companies, or real estate with tools designed for securities, quarterly revaluations, capitalization tables, and precise waterfall calculations, ensuring accurate and efficient compliance and transparency.

Maximize returns for your investors.


LP Communications

Strengthen your relationship with limited partners through timely and transparent notifications.

Deliver transparency your investors deserve

Save time creating communications for your limited partners using templates for every occasion, including: ILPA-compliant call and distribution letters, capital account statements, and quarterly reports.

Our software facilitates seamless email notifications and postings to our immersive Investor Portal, providing templates for various communications, ensuring your investors are well-informed and engaged.


Accounting Systems

Seamlessly share data with leading general ledgers, enabling seamless data sharing and accurate financial reporting.

Post transaction allocations (like contributions, management fees, and distributions) to journal entries in the GL.

Pull ending balances from the GL for accounts (like expenses) that naturally live there, and easily generate reports with the fund's financial statements.

Explore which subscription is right for your firm:

Fund Accounting

Starter Funds

Tier 3


Tier 2


Tier 1

Contacts and Commitments check check check
Document Management check check check
Investor Entity Management   check check
Subscription Processing     check

Fund Entities and Transactions check check check
Capital Accounts check check check
Share Classes   check check
Waterfall Calculations     check

Call and Distribution Notifications check check check
Capital Account Statements check check check
Announcements Support   check check
Quarterly Report Production     check

Deal Due Diligence and Investments check check check
Security and Transaction Management check check check
Conversion and Revaluation Tools   check check
Financials Monitoring Portal     check

Record Fund and Portfolio Cashflows check check check
Intuit QuickBooks Support check check check
Microsoft Dynamics Support   check check
Oracle NetSuite Support     check

Browser, Tablet, and Mobile Experiences check check check

The Relevant Difference.

What sets our Fund Accounting Software apart is our commitment to innovation, security, and satisfying user experiences. Relevant leverages the latest technologies to deliver a reliable, scalable, and intuitive platform, tailored to your fund's unique needs, ensuring an immersive experience for both fund managers and investors alike.

# Next Generation Tech Stack

Leverage the latest cybersecurity technologies and frameworks to provide a fast, reliable, and scalable platform that can handle large amounts of data and traffic. 


Immersive Investor Portal

Let investors drill-down into their fund and direct investments to better understand performance and assess risk. They can also access the Documents and Tax Center repositories for the latest LP communications.


Designed for Users

Enjoy an intuitive, easy-to-use interface that requires minimal training so you can streamline your operations—quickly!


Total Customization

Tailor your software with your own branding to match your private equity firm’s identity.


Leading-Edge Accounting Systems

Seamlessly integrate with modern accounting systems, such as Intuit QuickBooks and Oracle NetSuite, to provide a complete accounting solution for private equity, real estate, private debt, venture capital, fund administrators, and RIA advisor firms.

Seamlessly manage your investors, funds, and portfolio with Relevant EquityWorks.

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