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Allocate distributions with our waterfall calculations software.

Our sophisticated software revolutionizes the management of waterfall calculations. Designed to cater to both private equity and real estate fund waterfalls, our platform offers unparalleled accuracy and flexibility.

From simple to complex waterfalls, our software covers a broad spectrum of needs, including PE waterfall, LLC waterfall distribution, and private equity distribution waterfall models.

Capital Raising Portal for Waterfall Calculations:

Disclose profit sharing allocations upfront while raising capital so potential investors can understand how their investments will be managed and returns distributed.


Lead Generation

Invite targeted prospects to your investor community.

Know Your Customer (KYC)

Onboard and verify the identity of your investors and ensure their documents are always up-to-date.

CRM Contact Management

Let reps monitor investor interest and engagement.

Investment Opportunities

Share fund and direct offerings like properties or portfolio companies.

Contract Management

Provide signable PPMs and subscription agreements.

Subscription Processing

Reduce fraud by routing applications to multiple individuals for approval.

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Fund Accounting Software for Waterfall Calculations:

An integral tool for back-office efficiency, offering a comprehensive solution for managing private equity waterfall distributions.


Investor Management

Access investors and their entities, contacts, notification preferences, and investment performance.

Share Classes

Support the terms promised to each type of fund commitment.

Capital Accounts

Record cash flows and generate statements of each investor’s ownership in the fund.

LP Communications

Send capital call and distribution notices, along with other important fund notifications.

Waterfall Calculations

Record carried interest calculations to split profits between fund managers and investors. 

Modern Accounting Systems

Seamlessly integrate with popular general ledgers like Intuit QuickBooks, Oracle NetSuite, and SAP Business One.

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Investor Portal for Waterfall Calculations:

Boost confidence by providing an immersive investor portal experience where LPs can understand the distribution of their investments more clearly.


Investor Dashboard

Present an interactive summary of fund and direct investments.

Document Management

Provide a centralized repository for investment and tax documents.

Investor Data Management

Let LPs modify their investor entities, contacts, and notification preferences, including uploading their latest KYC identification documents.


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The Relevant Difference

Relevant EquityWorks private equity and real estate real estate waterfall model software stands out from other platforms with a unique combination of:

At Relevant EquityWorks, we stand apart with our combination of next-generation technology and deep expertise in waterfall calculations. Our platform is not only about managing waterfall calcs but also about providing a comprehensive suite of tools for an all-encompassing user experience.


Next Generation Tech Stack

Cutting-edge and secure technology for quick access from anywhere in the world, on any computer or mobile phone.


Groundbreaking Capital Raising Portal

Tell your unique story about each fund or direct investment opportunity.


Deep Expertise

Decades of experience in the intricacies of waterfall calculations.


Immersive Investor Portal

Advanced, interactive platform for analysis of investor holdings.


Modern Accounting Systems

Robust and efficient general ledger capabilities.

Waterfall calculation is complicated, but with Relevant EquityWorks, we make it straightforward and reliable.

Relevant is here to help.

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