Frequently Asked Questions

Managing private funds is complicated. Relevant EquityWorks?
Not so much. Here are answers to questions you may have.

About Relevant EquityWorks

Let us count the ways! First, Relevant EquityWorks was created specifically for private funds. It’s not a system that started out as a CRM or piecemeal product, and it certainly wasn’t developed to be all things to all people. Relevant EquityWorks is just for private fund professionals.

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Second, our software is extremely fast – screens come up in a split second and reports are nearly instantaneous.  That’s important because other solutions may leave you tapping your fingers waiting for data. And as we all know, time is…well you get the picture.


Third, while other integrated solutions have sold their business and let their product innovation lag, Relevant EquityWorks is continually enhanced — since its launch in 1998 by the same software development team!  That means the user experience is consistent while the underlying code is robust.

The Relevant EquityWorks Platform
The Relevant EquityWorks Platform


Absolutely, you can start with any of our individual applications. That said, most clients begin by getting their numbers squared away with our Fund Accounting applications, then move on to the Investor Reporting & Portal and then to Fund Raising & Investor Relations team.

  • Fund Raising & Investor Relations for investor tracking and campaigns
  • Fund Administration for fund entities, capital accounts, transactions and letters
  • Portfolio Management for investments, securities, cap tables, and pro-rata waterfalls
  • Investor/LP Portal to deliver secure, transparent fund correspondence & quarterlies to investors
  • Accounting System Interface for shares entries with commercial-grade GLs

Eventually, the Investment & Monitoring teams are outfitted with these applications.

  • Deal Management for investment opportunities
  • Portfolio Management for investments, securities, cap tables, and pro-rata waterfalls
  • Monitoring Portal to upload portfolio company and property financials
  • Relevant Mobile for remote access from phones, tablets and browsers
  • CRM/Contact Management for companies, contacts, and interactions

However, you will gain the most efficiency and benefit from using the entire Relevant EquityWorks platform.

Unite your data sets with Relevant EquityWorks
Unite all of your data sets with Relevant EquityWorks


Eliminate painful quarter-end reconciliations by uniting your data sets on our platform:

  • Quickly model investors, closings, fund structures, capital accounts, transactions, investments, valuations, and waterfall allocations
  • Leverage more than 150 reports or create your own in seconds
  • Deliver transparent call and distribution letters, capital account statements and quarterly reports as well as provide 24/7 access to our branded investor/LP portals

All while dramatically driving productivity.  By the end of a project, your data is organized, accessible, and transparent.

There are also Add-in Components (aka plugins) that extend the capabilities of our applications.

  • Compliance for industry-standard letters, valuations, and reports
  • Loan Management for single or multi-tranche debt including invoices
  • Partner Attribution for value creation “report cards”
  • Waterfall Obligations for allocations, share classes, side letters, and opt-outs


Plus, Integration Tools that help Relevant EquityWorks share data with other systems.

  • Web Services/APIs for downloading market data
  • Data Warehouse to post data to a company-wide data architecture

No, not at all! We can create a solution for any private fund workflow. In fact, we love the challenge that custom configurations sometimes pose! And we’ve never met a technical challenge we couldn’t meet.

Absolutely. We understand that a complete overhaul of your office solutions cannot always happen all at once. For whatever reason, some legacy systems may need to stay. No matter. We can integrate with whatever applications you’re currently using.

Just about any language, provided you assist us in relabeling your fields and report columns.

Because it’s so fast, the desktop application will be your “go to” app, while our web app was designed for professionals who need mobile access to their Relevant EquityWorks data. Users can access their dashboard, as well as, investors, deals, portfolio companies or properties, contacts, meeting notes, interactions, and popular reports.

Yes, yes we can. Relevant EquityWorks loves high volume shops. We serve customers who have:

  • Thousands of investors
  • Hundreds of funds, portfolio companies and/or properties
  • Heavy duty production needs
  • Impatient senior managers who want “real-time” data in their dashboards

Maybe, maybe not. Let’s talk. We will tell you if Relevant EquityWorks is not a good fit for you. It’s true; we will. We only want Relevant EquityWorks installed in places where it brings the most value. That said, we do get a number of smaller shops that want the infrastructure to rapidly scale their businesses.

About Relevant

We love to say that we're software geeks dedicated to simple, secure and stable solutions. Most of our nimble, tightknit team has been with us for years. That means we have a tremendous amount of institutional knowledge – about our clients’ institutions as well as our own!


Founded over 30 years ago, by our CEO, Ray Haarstick, Relevant originally created custom financial databases.  Early on, we made a name for ourselves by creating a suite of customizable databases (“The Venture Capital Collection”).  After our first 15 projects, we consolidated our best work into Relevant EquityWorks with the help of an all-star advisory board.


The rest as they say is history. To date, we’ve delivered over 300 systems to clients in 23 countries. And our dedicated development team is delivering our 8th generation of Relevant EquityWorks!

We are large enough to bring you the most up-to-date and sophisticated technology available, but small enough to get to know you and your business on a very personal level. That will come in handy, believe us. And because our software is so intuitive, so easy to use, we do not require an army of technical support people. Plus, as a privately-owned company, we answer only to our clients’ needs.

We’re not for everyone. From the beginning, our goal has been to take a slow and steady path toward helping as many private funds as we could. We do not aim to become the biggest software vendor out there nor do we want to pigeonhole our solution into shops where it cannot shine. To that end, we applied the slow and steady approach to our marketing outreach as well.

Yes, our Boston office supports Europe, while our Tucson, Arizona office supports Asia. Our Shanghai-based agent, ECFO Asia, handles clients with a need for a Chinese-speaking Help Desk.

Other than mentoring aspiring startups in our spare time, nothing. We create the most powerful software for private funds available, making their data organized, accessible, and transparent. We’d say ”that’s all,” but we think it’s a lot.