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Relevant EquityWorks - Meet the new standard for back office efficiency!

Meet the new standard for back office efficiency!

Give your team the tools they need to handle much more volume, with much less effort. We have modeled more than 5,000 fund entities, we can do it for you.

Fund Accounting

  • Eliminate needless reconciliation
  • Model key data sets like fund entities, capital accounts, transactions, investments, valuations and waterfall allocations
  • Enhance investor reporting

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Relevant EquityWorks - Investor/LP Portal

Deliver transparency.

Give investors exactly what they want: detailed notifications and transparent quarterly reports from a secure portal.


  • Better understand their fund commitment with ILPA call and distribution letters
  • Receive industry-standard capital account statements and quarterly reports
  • Get secure, 24/7 access to fund information, all branded with your firm's unique identity

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Relevant EquityWorks - Raise More Money

Raise more money! Leverage our secure portal!

Expand your reach and conduct more efficient fund raising campaigns.  Every year, hundreds of funds are raised with our software.

Fund Raising & Investor Relations

  • Reach-out to hundreds of prospective LPs
  • Manage dozens of conversations in our Fund Raising Scoreboard
  • Share confidential docs through our secure Investor/LP Portal

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Relevant EquityWorks - Devices

Invest, build, exit your deals. Repeat.

Relevant customers track more than 100,000 portfolio company and property investments from the first look through exit.

Investment & Monitoring

  • Onboard deals with ease
  • Monitor financials & KPIs 
  • Capture value created

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