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Real Estate Fund Software

Share exclusive property or fund investments, manage your back office, and provide LPs with an immersive Investor Portal experience.

Capital Raising Portal for Real Estate:

Maximize fund raising potential while saving time and resources with a centralized real estate management software platform that streamlines the entire capital raising lifecycle for real estate fund managers.


Capital Raising

Share your latest fund and property investment opportunities. Let LPs invest in a few clicks.

Contract Management

Integrated DocuSign CLM to compose, sign, and access contracts across the firm.

KYC Software

Onboard and verify the identity of your investors and ensure their documents are never out of date.

Subscription Processing

Reduce fraud by routing submissions to multiple individuals for "dual custody" approvals.

Investor Relations

Proactively communicate with LPs and quickly turnaround answers to their inquiries.

CRM Contact Management

Access fund raising campaigns and investor data from any browser or mobile phone.

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Fund Accounting Software for Private Debt:

All the tools private debt firms need to simplify back-office operations and generate transparent investor reports, providing investors with the insights they need to make informed investment decisions.


Investor Management

Track investors and their entities, contacts, notification prefs, KYC documents, and commitments.

Fund Administration

Model your fund structure, entities, closings, share classes, capital accounts, and waterfall calculations.

LP Communications

Email notifications to your limited partners, or post them directly to the Investor Portal.

Investment Portfolio Management

Invest in single- or multi-tranche loans, and manage debt schedules, quarter-end revaluations, cap tables, and financials.

Investor Reporting

Generate quarterly reports, capital account statements, call and distribution notices, and more.

Modern Accounting Systems

Seamlessly integrate with popular general ledgers like Intuit QuickBooks, Oracle NetSuite, and SAP Business One.

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Investor Portal for Real Estate:

A powerful reporting platform that delivers the transparency that LPs expect while providing an engaging and immersive experience for investors.


Investor Dashboard

Present a summary of fund and direct property investments with rich data visualizations.

Performance Reporting

Let investors drill down into deals to fully understand performance and assess risk.

LP Communications

Send call and distribution notifications, capital account statements, and quarterly reports.

Document Management

Provide a centralized document repository for accessing investment and tax documents.

Investor Data Management

Let LPs update investor entities, notification preferences, and KYC documents.

Mobile Support

Provide the same immersive experience on smartphones and tablets.

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Real Estate Data Model

Our Real Estate Fund Software provides a modern, data-driven, and streamlined approach to operating private funds while enabling investors to make informed decisions and invest with ease.


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The Relevant Difference

Relevant EquityWorks stands out from other real estate management software platforms with a unique combination of:


Next Generation Tech Stack

Our real estate private equity software utilizes cutting-edge technologies and a secure, cloud-based infrastructure that ensures quick access to your fund and property offerings from anywhere in the world, on any computer or mobile phone.


Groundbreaking Capital Raising Portal

Tells your unique story about each fund or direct investment opportunity. It provides investors with an immersive experience, allowing them to explore fund and direct investments, commit capital, track performance, and receive regular updates on their portfolio.


Deep Expertise

With decades of experience in real estate investing, our team of experts is well-equipped to provide guidance and support at every stage of the investment lifecycle.


Immersive Investor Portal

Unlike traditional PDF-driven document repositories, our Investor Portal lets investors dive deep into their fund and direct investments, providing a better understanding of performance and helping to assess risk.


Modern Accounting Systems

Our Real Estate Fund Software is built on top of modern accounting systems that provide robust reporting and analysis capabilities, ensuring that your funds are managed efficiently and effectively.

Real estate fund management is complicated.

Relevant is here to help.

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