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Maximizing your next capital raising effort

Maximizing your next capital raising effort

Capital raising is tough! Much like growing your own produce, there are sequential steps required to build successful relationships with your LPs. They all involve responding to the unique needs of each while moving them towards a commitment to your new fund.

Here are a few hints for maximizing your committed capital:

  1. Prepare to cast a wide net. Proven services like Pitchbook and Preqin catalog our industry’s top investors, their track records and interests. Use them to search for prospective LPs that are interested in your strategy, then export their contact details to Relevant EquityWorks. Sure, these services cost money, but they can help you identify players you would never find on your own.
  2. Send an email blast to introduce your firm. Announce your fund to hundreds of prospects with stylish emails that reflect your brand. No surprise, Relevant EquityWorks helps you do this easily.
  3. Review your interactions before you speak. How can you manage a conversation like it’s your only investor relationship? Review past interactions like call notes, emails sent and received, and documents shared. In Relevant EquityWorks, they’re all in one place, and they’re conveniently integrated with Microsoft Outlook. Traveling? Use Relevant Mobile to access this data right from your phone.
  4. Use a Scoreboard to monitor progress. Juggling dozens of conversations and next steps can feel like drinking from a fire hose. Use a proven Scoreboard to monitor prospects in every stage of the fund commitment process. Every year more than 50 funds are raised with Relevant EquityWorks.
  5. Automate the PPM process. So, your prospect is ready to commit to your next fund? Deliver paperwork to them in seconds with their investor entity and contact details dropped in. Save even more time with digital signatures.

With those five steps in place, your investor garden is ready to nurture, grow, and reap.


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