Venture Capital Software

Manage volume with ease!

Lots of investor inquiries, large portfolios with repeat investments, monitoring headaches - we've got you covered.

Our Venture Capital software solution for is for customers with:

  • Dozens, even hundreds of investors
  • One or more fund entity with:
    • Management fee waivers
    • Straight forward, pro-rata waterfalls
  • Dozens, even hundreds of portfolio company investments per fund characterized by:
    • Multiple investment rounds
    • Securities owned by founders, option pools, co-investments, and other VC firms
    • Preferred, common, warrant, option, SAFE, and bridge loan securities


Relevant EquityWorks - Venture Capital Platform

Relevant EquityWorks gives its VC customers the depth and flexibility they need to manage their investors, funds, and portfolio company holdings. Take a moment to explore how all your teams can benefit from Relevant EquityWorks: Fund Accounting, Investor ReportingFund Raising & Investor Relations, and Investment & Monitoring.



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