Real Estate Fund Software

End quarter-end reconciliation!

Challenging fund structures, whole or fractional investments in properties and JVs, complicated promote calculations - no worries.

Our Real Estate software solution is for customers with:

  • Dozens, even hundreds of investors
  • Fund structures with:
    • Feeder funds, parallel vehicles and/or Joint Ventures
    • Recallable capital
    • Management fee waivers
    • Complex promote and waterfall calculations
  • Dozens of property investments per fund characterized by:
    • Fewer investment rounds
    • Whole, fractional or JV ownership
    • Assets owned by a limited partnership, LLC or REIT


Relevant EquityWorks - Real Estate Platform

Relevant EquityWorks gives its RE customers the depth and breadth of features needed to manage their investors, fund structures, and property holdings. Take a moment to explore how all your teams can benefit from Relevant EquityWorks: Fund Accounting, Investor ReportingFund Raising & Investor Relations, and Investment & Monitoring.


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