Relevant Mobile CRM, Advisor, and Administrator | Private Equity and Real Estate

Specialized Experiences

Provide your team, advisors, and internal admins
with access to the platform anytime, anywhere.


Here's a Closer Look:

Walking into an investor meeting? Everything you need to know is right in your pocket.

Relevant Mobile CRM

Representatives can access:

  • Investors and their entities, contacts, notification preferences, and investment performance.
  • Offerings, like funds, portfolio companies, and properties.
  • Integrated note-taking.

Enhance your relationship with advisors who send lots of investors your way.

Relevant Advisor

Consultants can access and switch between:

  • Client accounts
  • Document and Tax Centers for:
    • Important fund communications like call and distribution letters, K-1s, and quarterly reports.

Oversee every aspect of the platform.

Relevant Administrator

Internal admins can:

  • Curate new fund and direct investment offerings.
  • Assign user accounts and privileges.
  • Fast-track “dual custody” approvals to the right players for:
    • Subscription commitments, including your outside counsel, and
    • Investor edits.


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