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Investor Reporting Portal

Enhance investor relationships with unprecedented communications and transparency.

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Here's the Process in More Detail:

Use our Fund Accounting Software to seamlessly post branded fund communications to the portal.

Post Documents to Investor Portal

  • Compile ILPA-formatted:
    • Call and distribution notifications.
    • Capital account statements.
  • Generate industry-standard quarterly reports.
  • Notify investors with an email blast.

After logging in with multi-factor authentication (MFA), a code sent to their mobile phones; investors arrive at their Investments Summary, a compilation of every fund and direct/co-investment they've made.

Present a Summary of Investments

From here, visitors can:

  • Explore performance at the relationship, investor entity, fund, or direct investment levels.
  • Drill down to understand how particular deals are performing.

As you narrate each investment, reuse attributes from the Fund Raising Portal to describe it, why you invested, and how it's performing.

Tell your Story About Every Deal

  • Curate an overview, individual performance, and fund results.
  • Make fund correspondence and other documents available.
  • Share planned and actual financials.

Investors also get centralized access to important fund communications and K-1s.

Provide Document and Tax Centers

While the Document Center manages call and distribution letters, capital accounts, and quarterly reports, the Tax Center is dedicated to K-1s.

  • Brand all documents with your firm's unique identity.
  • Retrieve notifications 24 x 7.

Haunted by late-breaking changes to investor data?

Let Investors Update their Details

  • Provide LPs with secure access to make changes to their investor entities, contacts, notification preferences, and KYC data.
  • Reduce fraud by routing edits to multiple individuals for "dual custody" approvals by your team.

Provide investors with the same immersive experience on the go. 

Support Mobile Users

The entire Investor Portal is via:

  • Mobile phone
  • Tablet, or
  • Everyday browser.
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