Investment Management Software.

Record due diligence and manage your pipeline of investment opportunities.

  • Onboard deals with ease
  • Manage your pipeline of active opportunities
  • Access data on the run with Relevant Mobile

Portfolio Management Software.

Manage every aspect of your holdings.

  • Record for each portfolio company or property investment
    • Securities used
    • Quarter-end revaluations
    • Capitalization/shareholder tables
    • Pro-rata waterfall allocations
      • To support special terms, pick-up the Waterfall Obligations add-in
  • Generate more than 30 reports that roll-up the portfolio (including cost, market value, IRR, holding period, etc.)

Monitoring Portal.

Upload financials and KPIs directly into your Relevant EquityWorks platform.

  • Issue accounts and passwords to your portfolio companies and/or properties
  • Generate investment profile reports with the latest numbers
  • Monitor progress in your dashboard

Relevant Mobile.

Access Relevant EquityWorks data from anywhere, on practically anything: everyday phones, tablets and browsers.

  • Look up companies, contacts, past interactions
  • Manage your pipeline of opportunities
  • Dictate meeting notes

Private Equity CRM Software.

Replace your cumbersome Contact Management system with one that's been designed just for Private Equity professionals.

  • Track companies, contacts and events like meetings, emails and calls.
  • Create mailing lists and send email blasts for every occasion (like announcements, newsletters, holiday greetings)
  • Integrate with Microsoft Outlook
    • Emails, contacts, reminders and tasks

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