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Fund Raising Portal

Compress funding timelines with our groundbreaking way to share new fund and direct investments.

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Here's The Process in More Detail:

Start with an Offering Template to tell your unique story about a new fund, property, or portfolio company investment opportunity.

Create an Offering

  • Curate each deal using data from Relevant EquityWorks (our fund accounting software) or add custom attributes.
  • Determine how much to raise, acceptable investor entity types, and other policies.
  • Attach photos, a map, financial highlights, expected returns, and applicable documents.

Next, extend your website with a Current Offerings area where investors can shop for new deals.

Display Current Offerings

  • Ask investors to review your Current Offerings page or a specific deal, with an email blast from our Fund Accounting Software.
  • Targeting new accounts? Invite them to onboard their accreditation details to join the platform.

Compress funding timelines by letting prospects absorb the details of your offering and maintain a watchlist, so you can have much more informed conversations.

Review an Offering

  • Tell your story about each deal.
  • Educate investors on strategy, financial highlights, expected returns, and investment documents.
  • Provide a watchlist to track interesting opportunities.

When it's time to invest, provide investors with an easy way to securely commit money, check their KYC data, and sign documents.

Make Investments

  • Let existing investors commit with a few clicks to:
    • Reaffirm their accreditation.
    • Fill out a:
      • Suitability questionnaire.
      • W-9 and/or another tax doc (like FATCA Form 8957).
    • Update expired Know Your Customer (KYC) data, like a:
      • Driver's license.
      • Passport.
  • Allow new investors to onboard entities, contacts, notification preferences, and KYC data.
  • Sign subscription documents with an electronic or ink signature (download, sign, and upload them).
  • Self-manage entities, contacts, notifications, and KYC data.

As prospects submit investments, let Investor Relations fast-track them through "dual custody" approvals.

Process Subscriptions

  • Monitor incoming investment applications.
  • View an electronic packet with:
    • Submitted compliance and signed agreement docs.
    • Verifications of investor entities, tax IDs, KYC contacts, and more.
    • Investor details like contacts, notification preferences, phone numbers, and email addresses.
  • Reduce fraud by routing applications to multiple individuals (including your outside counsel) for "dual custody" approvals.

Once accepted, LPs use our immersive Investor Reporting Portal to monitor performance at the relationship, investor entity, fund, or direct investment levels.

Report Performance

  • Review fund and direct/co-investment returns and drill-down for more detail.
  • Leverage narrative content from the Fund Raising Portal to tell the story about each deal, including overviews, individual and fund performance, and related documents.
  • Retrieve capital call and distribution notifications, capital account statements, K-1s, and quarterly reports from the Documents and Tax Centers.
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