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Fund Accounting Software

Keep your data organized, accessible, and transparent
with our 9th generation of back office software.

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Here's the Process in More Detail:

First, we onboard your investor data.

Investor Management Software

  • Store LPs and their investor entities, contacts, notification preferences, KYC and FATCA details, and commitments.
  • Easily respond to inquiries by leveraging our email templates.

Next, we model your fund or direct investment's structure.

Fund Administration Software

  • Create your fund structure's entities, including feeders, main fund, parallel vehicles, and blockers.
  • Move on to each entity's:
    • Share classes
    • Capital accounts
    • Transaction definitions
    • Allocation methods
    • Waterfall.

Then, we let Relevant EquityWorks record cash flows and send notifications to your investors.

LP Communications Software

  • Save time with templates for every occasion, including:
    • ILPA call and distribution letters.
    • Branded capital account statements.
  • Email or post directly to the Investor Portal.

Next, record investments in funds, portfolio companies, and/or properties.

Portfolio Management Software

  • Manage securities, quarter-end revaluations, cap tables, and financials.
  • Leverage our:
    • Conversion Tool to exchange a basket of securities for other securities during acquisitions, spinouts, and exits.
    • Revaluation Tool to simplify quarter-end revaluations of equities, debt, and warrants (using our Modified Black Scholes functionality).
    • Monitoring Portal to collect monthly financials from portfolio companies and properties.

Come quarter-end, speed the reporting process.

Investor Reporting Software

  • Generate industry-standard quarterly reports, including:
    • Cover page
    • Highlights
    • Investment Summaries
    • Portfolio company or property profiles.
  • Email them or post directly to the Investor Reporting Portal.

Understand where you stand vis-à-vis carried interest and/or promote at all times.

Private Equity Waterfall Software

  • Provide each fund, entity, or direct/co-investment with its own distribution waterfall.
    • Crunch allocations for each tier:
      • Return of capital, including commitments, contributions to date, or deal-by-deal distribution methods.
      • Preferred return, say 8% simple interest.
      • GP catch-up.
      • Carried interest, say an 80/20 split.
    • While managing for trigger calculations.

Finally, you can keep your general ledger or replace it with something new.

GL Integration

Leverage our Accounting System Interface to:

  • Push transaction allocations (like contributions, management fees, and distributions) to journal entries in the GL.
  • Pull ending balances from the GL for accounts (like expenses) that naturally live there.
  • Generate reports with the fund's financial statements.
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