Private Equity & Real Estate

Private Equity & Real Estate

Fund Accounting Software

Meet the new standard for back office efficiency!

Give your team the software they need to handle much more volume, with much less effort.



Investor Management Software.

Track investors, contacts and third party representatives.

  • Record incoming fund commitments
  • Share confidential documents on our secure Investor Portal
  • Respond to inquiries post closing


Relevant EquityWorks - Investment Management Software See where it fits in the
Relevant EquityWorks platform


Relevant EquityWorks - Fund Administration Software

Relevant EquityWorks - Fund Administration Letters & Reports



Fund Administration Software.

Handle more volume with much less effort!

  • Model fund entities, closings and commitments
    • Configure capital accounts and transactions
  • Email call and distribution letters and quarterly reports, or post them to the Investor/LP Portal
  • Leverage wizards for such activities as closings, mail merge, revaluations and transfers of interest.
Relevant EquityWorks - Fund Administration Application See where it fits in the
Relevant EquityWorks platform



Portfolio Management Software.

Manage every aspect of your holdings.

  • Record every portfolio company or property investment
    • Securities, revaluations, shareholder tables
  • Calculate pro-rata waterfall allocations
    • For special terms, pick-up the Waterfall Obligations add-in
  • Generate more than 30 reports that roll-up the portfolio
Relevant EquityWorks - Portfolio Management Application See where it fits in the
Relevant EquityWorks platform



Accounting System Interface.

Share data with commercial-grade general ledgers.

  • Push transaction allocations (like contributions, management fees, and distributions) to journal entries in the GL
  • Pull ending balances from the GL for accounts (like expenses) that naturally live there
  • Generate reports with the fund's financial statements
Accounting System Interface for Relevant EquityWorks See where it fits in the
Relevant EquityWorks platform


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