Add-in Components | Private Equity and Real Estate

Complex calculations made simple.

Eliminate even more spreadsheets with add-ins that extend the capabilities of your Relevant EquityWorks software.


Compliance Software.

Drive transparency in fund communications while supporting accepted valuation guidelines.

Investors & Regulators

  • Get ILPA call and distribution letters.
  • Trust revaluations created with accepted industry guidelines.
  • Receive detailed quarterly reports that reflect your brand.

Conversion Tool

Speed through your security transactions and enable fund accounting teams to:

  • Convert a basket of securities into other holdings.
  • Handle acquisitions, mergers, and spinouts.

Loan Management Software.

Enhance returns with multi-tranche loans.

Investment Teams

  • Define the "building blocks" for each tranche (like principal, interest, PIK, etc.)
  • Set attributes.
  • Interest-only, assumed or amortized debt schedule.
  • Fixed, variable or floating rates.
  • Term, payment frequency, holidays, extensions.

Fund Accounting Teams

  • Record transactions, payments and revaluations.
  • Email debt invoices to portfolio companies and/or properties.

Partner Attribution Software.

Generate "report cards" on value creation.

Senior Management

  • Decide how to evenhandedly distribute salary, bonus and carry dollars.
  • Get visibility into performance by:
    • Individual, job title, team or office.
    • Industry, sector or stage of growth.
    • Security type (e.g., equity vs. debt.)
    • Geographical (e.g., state, region, country, global area.)
  • Get tools to fine-tune strategies.

Valuation Scratchpad

Determine the value of your equities, loans, warrants, and other securities and allow fund accounting teams to:

  • Import the latest investment rounds from Pitchbook ©, Crunchbase ©, Carta ©, and other popular platforms.
  • Leverage advanced formulas like Modified Black Scholes.
  • Review batches of valuations with the sponsoring partners.

Waterfall Software.

Always keep your word. Ensure each capital account receives the terms it was promised.

Fund Accounting Teams

  • Support terms that aren't pro-rata:
    • Side letters.
    • "Share classes" of investors.
    • Management fee waivers.
    • Recallable capital.
    • Opt-outs.
  • Generate "Waterfall Status Reports" to understand when carried interest will become available.
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