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Streamline your deal pipeline

Streamline your deal pipeline

Your professionals didn’t get their MBA only to become spreadsheet jockeys. Give them the tools they need to properly log, investigate, and invest in the right opportunities for your fund, while giving senior management visibility into the deal pipeline.

Here are five ways to streamline your deal pipeline.

  1. Implement a call center. Create a secure, centralized place to track your targeted companies, who has been reached and when, as well as which of your partners is assigned to develop the relationship. Track important prospects, too, because you never know which one might turn into a deal someday down the road.
  2. Record your due diligence. Capture the details of the strategy, management team, prior rounds, and why the team did, or didn’t, invest.
  3. Prepare investment presentations. Instead of handcrafting presentations to the approval committee in Microsoft Word or Excel, use software that prepares them with a click of a button.
  4. Automate term sheet production. Hand-crafting new term sheets deal after deal makes no sense - use letter templates to drop 95% of the content (like company, address, contact, and terms) right into your offer.
  5. Visualize value created by each professional. Use partner attribution reports to track the IRRs of each of your professionals.

Give your dealmakers the software they need to invest, build value and exit your deals, while letting senior management keep an eye on the pipeline.


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